neues Digital Forensics und Incident Response Magazin

Harlan Carvey und Don C. Weber haben mit „Into the Boxes“ nun die erste Ausgabe ihres Digital Forensics & Incident Response Magazins veröffentlicht. Die erste

Ausgabe 0x0 enthält Artikel zu folgenden Themen:

  • Windows 7 UserAssist Registry Keys
  • Red Hat Crash Memory Forensics
  • Hardware Quick Tip
  • Beware The Preview Pane
  • PCI Interview with Harlan Carvey

Die Autoren schreiben auf Ihrer Webseite zu Ihrem Magazin:

Into The Boxes is an e-magazine covering issues concerning Digital Forensics and Incident Response.  The purpose of this e-magazine is NOT meant to replace  or compete with any of the other information resources within this community; in fact, it’s an attempt to augment what’s already out there, by providing additional resources in an easy-to-read and easy-to-manage format.  Into the Boxes will provide technical and managerial articles and information relating to as many challenges facing the security community as possible and will adhere to the Mission Box of this e-magazine as closely as possible.

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